Project First Edit Magazine


Project First Edit Magazine


Editor- Abby Wright

Layout- Murray Shaw


Murray Shaw

Will Warasila

Janine Egger

Lauren Zallo

Renee Mudd

Rosie Brock

-15% of proceeds will go to UNHCR to support refugee children and give them a chance to go to secondary school.

-The magazine is $23 plus shipping and handling.

First Edit is a gathering of friends to promote contemporary art, affinity over identity, various forms on enlightened criticism of history, and freedom of speech. Our goal is to inspire people to create and argue their ideas. First Edit is a magazine based on the atypical, inspired by fashion and fine art. No editing.


About our magazine:

The magazine will be a monograph on artists and writers. Our goal is to publish two times a year. The topics will be on affinity, philosophy, theory, art, literature, film, and politics. All articles are published as written. 

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